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Rise of the Flower Moon

The pilgrimage I embarked on for five weeks starting in February 2024, to the island of Puerto Rico, was guided by ancestral ties to the native Taino people. I didn’t know much about this side of my mixed heritage - Taino, Black, and Spanish - akin to many on the island, since I distanced myself due to the toxic relationship between my parents. Misguidedly, I blamed my father for our family's disharmony back then, not having the capacity to empathize with his struggles.

However, upon reconciling with my father and learning about our family history, I began to come into contact with the spirits of my paternal grandmother and great grandmother. Arriving on the island, I asked permission to be there and asked permission for healing. I made offerings, in reverence, to the spirits of the land. That first night, my great grandmother Flora Hernandez appeared to me in a sleep state experience, imparting ancient wisdom on building fires and shelter with specific materials. This encounter served as a profound message, signaling my welcome. It underscored the importance of embracing all facets of my heritage and the ancestral guidance that accompanies it.

At the offset of this journey, I quickly noted that my personal ancestral exploration was leading me back to the work I call the Purification Pilgrimage for Mother Earth and the collective consciousness. Through this work, I have been doing for several years, I clear and transmute dense energy as taught to me and known to the Quechuan people of Peru, as Hucha. Hucha, though a complex concept, can be understood as the accumulation of life experiences stored within our bodies. Between my own introspective work and drawing upon insights from Bessel van der Kolk's critical work, "The Body Keeps the Score," I learned to articulate this concept in a way that is more accessible to others. It became clear that addressing this dense energy required not only intellectual understanding, but also a deep bodily engagement to release and transmute it effectively.

As a surrogate, I work with my body, mind, and energy to intentionally examine and process the stored burdens of others. Whether operating in the astral realm or on the Earthly plane, I am true to this transformative work. The following excerpt from a theosophy book, gifted to me in a serendipitous way on 11/11/19, resonates deeply with my experiences related to this work.

“According to this law each and every sin, which is nothing else than the violation of one or several laws of nature, has to be eradicated and dissolved on the same plane of existence on which it was created. Since these sins are created on the physical plane of existence, therefore, man has to expiate them also in the flesh, in his next incarnation on earth. 

Each violation of the law of nature by man reflects upon the vibratory state of one of his four physical bodies on which the violation occurred. The restoration of this body to their original state requires the reproduction of vibrations on the same plane, or body, of the opposite nature. As in a violin, when the harmony of the music from it is destroyed due to the slackening of a sting, the original vibrations of this string are raised by its being tightened and vice versa. The law is precisely the same. From this fact one can see that reincarnation if a necessary step, a cycle of necessity, for the evolution of the soul of man.” 

I devoted myself to extensive purification and transmutation practices for the women of the island and their ancestors, aiming to release the barriers preventing them from reconnecting with their spirit and ancestors. Delving into this effort, I confronted layers of pain experienced by young mothers who have given their children to their mothers to raise stretching back through generations to women who had suffered the death of children because of religious and political interference. The anguish of these women, their breasts heavy with milk meant for infants who would never suckle, was overwhelming to sense. It was a pain often left unspoken, buried beneath the weight of collective silence. Addressing this sorrow became priority. I kept getting the message that this was the origins of human trafficking and that the mother’s pain, unprocessed fuels this type of energy. This observation resonated with an energetic component I sensed and later verified online. I uncovered an historical system from Francoist Spain that granted men significant power over women, including the ability to transfer legal control of their daughters to the state, further deepening the roots of this enduring pain.

Continuing my efforts, I worked to dismantle societal conditioning that discouraged motherhood, particularly the notion of the inability to provide. I uncovered how this conditioning was intertwined with governmental initiatives to sterilize segments of the Puerto Rican population, falsely presented as poverty alleviation measures. Moreover, it became apparent that these ideas were linked to materialism, consumerism, and capitalism—all serving the interests of colonizers.Turning to the nurturing abundance of Mother Earth, I acknowledged her capacity to provide abundantly for all her children. Stripping away societal programming, I sensed a collective understanding of mothers' innate ability to nurture and sustain life. Through breastfeeding and reliance on Earth's bounty—such as avocado, breadfruit, mango, and banana trees—mothers possess ample resources to provide. A recurring theme emerged: the exploitation of Mother Earth for political gain and power. Amidst this profound unfolding, the guiding force of Faith became apparent.                           

The Angel of Faith has assumed human form, a revelation I encountered through astral interactions and Earthly encounters. This revelation is major, given the profound need for her presence in these tumultuous times. I sense it guiding us individually and collectively towards greater heights signaling a profound shift in consciousness. In my personal journey, her presence has been an invaluable gift. Not even an hour after this realization, I experienced a synchronistic moment while watching "Dune Part II". The Bene Gesserit Mother's words, "Don't underestimate the power of Faith," echoed through my being. The way of understanding faith has undergone a metamorphosis, transitioning from a collective concept sought after externally to an integral aspect fueling of our individual, internal makeup.

Continuing the Purification Pilgrimage, I followed guidance that led me to learning about the Osage people, by way of the film "Killers of the Flower Moon" and subsequent Internet research. The Osage are indigenous peoples of Oklahoma. In autumn 2023, I committed myself to purification endeavors that benefitted the Osage and the other nations of the area. This undertaking involved harmonizing and maneuvering timelines, as well as alchemizing the energy of locomotives and dams into their lineage to bolster their courage and resilience. I also cleared dense energies associated with historical traumas, including the Oklahoma City Bombing. Despite the abundance of indigenous spirits in Oklahoma, the energy surrounding the bombing and its aftermath had hindered their ability to communicate with people in the earthly realm- including their descendants. During those efforts, a recurring message emphasized was one of healing energies linked to various "shenanigans." Initially focused on governmental machinations, my understanding deepened after watching the movie, revealing the broader scope of interpersonal conflicts and injustices that required harmonizing.

It's important to note that the messages I receive come in the form of frequencies rather than explicit words. As such, I rely on interpretation, often looking to clues and insights from the Internet and movies to piece together their meanings. Once I gather these clues, I cross-reference them with the frequencies I perceive within what I call my "Golden Web." The Golden Web functions akin to the Akashic records, where all events are recorded, but with a crucial distinction: while the Akashic records document the actions of all, the Golden Web seems to showcase the resultant changes brought about by action. Over time, I've gained increased awareness and access to this realm, a process that involved rigorous testing spanning three years to ensure that my intentions remained devoid of personal gain. I am grateful to have passed this test, solidifying my commitment to using my abilities for the betterment of all.

Following my endeavors in Puerto Rico and the enlightening experience of watching the movie, I dedicated time to recalibrating my energies and fully internalizing the knowledge gained. In this heightened state of awareness, I found that I had a clear connection to the two Osage Chiefs, their messages resonating clearly in my conscious mind. They recounted the journey I had embarked upon years ago at the behest of Iktomi, a Lakota spirit, to aid his people. Additionally, they imparted further guidance regarding the tasks that lay ahead.

In reverence to those I am called to serve, I pay homage to the Osage Chiefs: Thank you, honored elders. I extend my service to you, Wah-Kon-Tah, Mother Earth, Father Sky, your honored ancestors, and the generations to come. My love flows to you, my blessings encompass you, and my gratitude fills the space between us. Ometeotl...

The tribal leaders shared a profound insight: that despite the harrowing trials faced by the Osage, these experiences were integral to their shared path. From once being the wealthiest per capita, they now carry the profound understanding of their rise and fall. True transformation begins with understanding. Within this legacy lies the crucial element for our collective redemption—a harmonious connection with Earth, the cosmos, and all its inhabitants. Programs of materialism, capitalism, consumerism, and the like are falling away.

Starting with the Osage people, profound change will ripple through all indigenous descendants. It will be as if a cleansing wave washes through the collective consciousness of first peoples' lineage reaching to all of their descendants. Once this purification is complete, ancestral spirits will once again be able to clearly impart their teachings through dreams, frequency transmissions, and downloads.

The frequency, long stifled by layers of "hucha"—comprising hatred, pain, shame, and self-deprecation—will be cleared. A crucial aspect of this purification will involve the harmonization achieved through forgiving colonizers across all realms of existence. Forgiveness will serve as the linchpin, cleansing the lines of communication between descendants and their ancestors. The underlying catalyst for much of what I perceive stems from the legacy of colonization and its unforeseen ramifications. This energy manifests in phenomena such as gentrification and the exploitation of tax breaks by Bitcoin investors in locales like Puerto Rico, perpetuating a cycle of unintended consequences.

I have faith that all is unfolding according to divine order and alignment. I received a couple of signs that I am on track. One indication of this occurred during a sleep state, where I found myself at an indoor powwow. The atmosphere felt uninspired and like play acting. Yet, when I transitioned to an outdoor setting, the energy shift was palpable—it felt authentic and charged with embodiment. It felt like a message of what things would be like before, and after this major clearing.

Another sign of alignment with my mission occurred when I happened upon a statue. While traveling with my two dogs, who adhere to a raw diet, I shared some of their food with stray dogs, depleting my supplies. Upon discovering a lone store on the island via the dog food producers' website, I embarked on a two-hour drive, taking a wrong turn along the way. This detour led me to a statue, which I was led to decorate with bay leaves and perform a ritual. The engravings on the statue resonated deeply with my journey, prompting further investigation. Researching the statue's significance, its plaques' translations, and the town's name, "Ciudad de Brujas" or "City of Witches," unveiled profound connections. The statue, portraying the Angel of Victory holding a bay leaf wreath, evoked memories of my initiation in bay leaf divination during my time in the Peruvian jungle, adding potency to the sign. This revelation was particularly poignant as I had been engaging in "witchy" rituals, which caught the attention of some locals who responded with prayers. It was a powerful moment for me, and I am grateful for the synchronicity.

To all who support me, your words of encouragement and gestures of checking in mean the world to me. I especially want to thank and recognize a dear friend of the Seneca Nation, who has dedicated a great deal of his life to understanding the complexities of alcoholism within indigenous family systems through personal experience. His profound insights and journey towards liberation from this heavy burden have led him to create a transformative program for the collective of indigenous who are trapped in alcoholism. Together, we will weave this program into the Golden Web of life. I have seem it as indigenous individuals experiencing a dream-state immersion where they can tangibly feel the contrast between alcoholism and sobriety, drawing from his expertise. This shift is akin to flipping a light switch, and it's remarkable how he, a master electrician and magical being, embodies this transformation and will share it. This is like Jesus as he is has given his life to this mission. I have no words sufficient for his sacrifice and the sacrifice of his family.

As I conclude this post from the heart of Osage Nation, Oklahoma, I extend my gratitude to all who have taken the time to read and believe in this mission. Your support fuels its manifestation. Remember, this journey is a shared endeavor, a co-creation, and I am grateful for each one of you.



In faith…

Cacica Carla, the Brave

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