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Hype: an Ayahuasca Journey
by Carla Mora

Hype an Ayahuasca Journey is one woman's account of her journey with Mother Ayahuasca while on a shamanic cleanse retreat in Cusco, Peru.

After having an emergency appendectomy, Carla was drawn to the trip she had seen advertised in an email newsletter from a meditation retreat center she visited years prior. She took a leap and let the universe take her on this wild adventure. Little did she know that it would help her prepare for her beloved's diagnosis, decline, and transition from a journey with cancer.

Hype an Ayahuasca Journey is essentially the journal Carla wrote to her love, Shem Kellogg, instead of any other form of communication. She let him know that if she had anything to communicate to him, she would do so in the journal, and now she wants to communicate it to you.

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