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Could Your Biggest Oppressor Be You?

Now I know why I stayed “neutral”, in Hindsight!

After back to back trips to Peru at the end of 2023 I took a social media break. Before then, I saw lots of static over some people staying “neutral” while others used social media to demand a “ceasefire” regarding geo-political events. It was so strong, there were many who intensely called things out. I was triggered a bit but held on to faith. I am one who was guided to stay neutral. This doesn’t mean I am pretending it doesn’t exist or wishing it away. Not at all. I have been praying for a resolution to this since I found out about it in 2011 and tried to bring people’s awareness to it. That wasn’t my part this time. I was meant to see what was actually happening and be shown what to do. It’s more than meets the eye and if true healing can happen, the core of the conflict is meant to be healed.

My dad is a converted Jew. He has a rabbi, several actually, was once married to a Jewish woman, has been to Israel many times, has a dedication in a Jewish textbook, and speaks a bit of Hebrew. He signs his notes to me Avraham. He is serious about his faith. He and I are well into a healthy relationship after healing it for years. He talks at great length about how people hate him because he is a Jew. I was terribly confused by that. He says it much like a robot which made me categorize what he said noteworthy as an outlier to harmony. I have heard similar things from a friend about a couple of her Jewish friends and have seen it on the Internet. The biggest example of this is that I can feel it energetically, in the collective.

A little bit after I sensed this, I was in a Walmart parking lot where an energy struck me as a clear message to act: look up the etymology of anti-semitism was the intuitive message. In the next instance, the energies redirected me to look up the etymology of the word Semite. I took a quick look at the clock and it read 2:22. This is a clue for me to keep going. (See screenshot) Shem is the name of my former beloved who passed away from cancer 6.21.16.

After going into Walmart, I was shopping in the craft section. I saw that someone had arranged the white letters on display to spell out “nigga” across the hooks where the wooden cut out letters hung. I have been watching “Insecure” a show where these black women call one another “bitch” and “nigga”. I kept having this uneasy feeling disharmony in regards to the use of those words. A little background on me, I know very well what the codes for harmony are and can feel when things are not in harmony. I checked out at the register and the receipt read 76.54. I felt the message was “everything is lined up” but what?

I was strongly led to keep going with it all. I sat with all of this for some time. I travelled my golden web and collected all the energy they took me through. Through the energy, I gathered that Jews, people of color, the Indigenous, and Muslims share a similar energetic hindrance. Many are in a what Carl Jung named a “collective complex” loop of self hatred and fear which makes them think that everyone hates them. Many of them concentrate on this such that those parts of that theme, come to them energetically. Many attract those scenarios to themselves as well as project them onto their experiences with others. Think, self fulfilling prophecy. Or picture a magnet charged with the very things you don’t want. Through one’s focus and thoughts on them, the themes are energetically charged and they show up to the similar existing charge within the body.

After focusing on this I started to see the energetic patterns. I have done work like this for individuals who are in what I feel are anxiety loops or fear loops. They get stuck in the thing that they were oppressed by.

I love the show Dash & Lily. In it, a badass Jewish band sings and talks about Hanukkah being about rising over their oppressors. I think rising over means that the energetic charge is still there. Rising over means there isn’t true forgiveness as described by Rasha in “Oneness”.

Further, imagine the oppressor is you? It was for me in some of the cases I healed within myself as well as for some clients or as I like to see them, students.  I feel this in the collective for the Jewish people, people of color, the Indigenous, and Muslims. (In varying degrees, of course) This is one of the reasons I stayed neutral, so I could sense all of this. This is why I work so hard to be in alignment with what my guidance offers me, no matter what others are doing or demanding and shaming others into doing.

The following are clips of two testimonials from different clients. My motive for sharing is to show how trauma loops can look and that they are the same for the collective, on a bigger scale. April and Amanda were able to sense how the work is done so I share here, for a little color and teaching purposes. It feels like I reweave what is in disharmony into harmony. I know the codes for this and am grateful.

“As we spoke she told me more about each incident and what she gathered from it that was hurting me or holding me back.  She said she found that one of my biggest hurdles was myself (said in the kindest way of course)!  My internal dialogue and the way I viewed myself had been so skewed by trauma and chronic health it was keeping me stuck in a loop.  While I had already had suspicions that I was often “getting in my own way” I couldn’t seem to get or “figure out” how to stop doing that no matter how many self help books I read or how hard I tried.  Carla spent a long time bringing to light some deep rooted issues I didn’t realize were still affecting me so much, she told me she re-wove my web and said to see if things started to shift, reminding me that it can come in many ways…and she also gave me many tools to try and encourage a shift within myself.” - April

“Carla is the Dr. House of psychic challenges. It was like she surgically removed the cancer of my anxiety loops in ways that years of money and resources devoted to therapy, medicine, and spiritual pursuits had never accomplished.


In addition to her work healing the Akashic timeline where my anxiety loops formed in this lifetime, Carla earned her angel wings yet again in teaching me to welcome, appreciate, and release my anxiety when it comes.” - Amanda

My intention has been to unravel the loops open and allow the energy to flow so it can be healed and transmuted. This is a drive toward harmony by love. If the people can unite within themselves, they can unite within the world. As a surrogate, I demand that the collective complexes dissipate so each person can be in their divine sovereignty, I forgive for those who cannot, and I re-harmonize to heal the timelines. Another clue came to me when I was watching a show called “The Chosen” about the life of Jesus. Mary Magdalene is talking to a friend who says that Mary has been forgiven yet she acts as though she hasn’t. This is a great way to get to know some color of the life, history, and color of the Jewish people. They are constantly proclaiming that the way of their people is to have it tough. It’s weird to see them saying things like this given the etymology of the word Abracadabra.

I have also been doing work for this and other bits of the world harmed due to colonization while on my Purification Pilgrimage in Puerto Rico Feb/March 2024. Look for more of this in the next blog post.

If you read this, I invite you to claim your divine sovereignty for yourself. I am of service and so it is.



Cacica, Carla El Brava



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