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Timeline Healing Integration Session

  • 1 hour
  • 111 US dollars
  • Unity

Service Description

Optional session(s) to help integrate the healing. People may have questions, concerns, or the healing may bring up other things that were not available to them because of their block. This is a safe, womb-like space to examine challenges and discomforts. It's an opportunity to see what can be worked on next. How do I do it? In these sessions, I work with healing energies, intuitive messages, and instructions I get from spirit in flow and all the tools and ancient knowledge I have accumulated over time and by time. An example that I sense one type of the energies doing is something like burning off lower energies or transmuting lower energies to be neutral, allowing for deeper things to come up for examination and also be neutralized or to help the person to reframe how they view things. It comes down to identifying imbalances and reprogramming by way of energy healing or giving instruction to the seeker on how they can do it. How does this benefit you? I ask, how does it not? It can help you find relief from feeling blocked, alone, frustrated, depressed, lost, or a combination of these. Imagine cleaning out an attic or garage whose clutter and disorganization was blocking the harmony within your home. It can now be used for unlimited possibilities. When we allow the old parts of ourselves to die off, it makes room for other things to be re-birthed. It's all about cycles, like the life of a caterpillar, the life of a human cell, or the seasons. (In-person or online/phone)

Contact Details

  • Unity, New Hampshire, NH, USA


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