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Timeline Healing

  • 1 hour
  • 222 US dollars
  • Unity

Service Description

Timeline healing is a reharmonization of a point on your timeline that is out of balance. This out-of-balance point may be in a past life or in this life. How do I do it? I have a gift of entering the sleep state and accessing the entire space-time continuum. You can think of me as a spider and every point in time to exist, space-time continuum, as a web that I have access to. We each have a timeline within this web. I find a space on your timeline that is out of balance, perhaps by way of trauma. I superimpose my energetic body onto the part of the timeline that holds the trauma and relive it for the person through my heart. My heart is calibrated to the energy of origination - the flower of life. When I relive the traumatic part, it becomes reset as if it never happened. It's like I spin a new piece of the web. How does this benefit you? I ask, how does it not? It can help you find relief from feeling blocked, alone, frustrated, depressed, lost, or a combination of these. Imagine cleaning out an attic or garage whose clutter and disorganization was blocking the harmony within your home. It can now be used for unlimited possibilities. When we allow the old parts of ourselves to die off, it makes room for other things to be re-birthed. It's all about cycles, like the life of a caterpillar, the life of a human cell, or the seasons. When I re-harmonize the imbalanced part, the person's body gets a reboot as if the trauma never happened. Energy blocks to equilibrium, empowerment, and self-mastery are removed, and the rest of the energy in the body is left to recalibrate.) (Remote healing with follow up in-person or online/phone)

Contact Details

  • Unity, New Hampshire, NH, USA


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