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What Might Women’s Wombs Have To Do With Ending Racism?

Updated: May 6, 2022

A few years ago, I started receiving womb wisdom lessons from my spirit guides as I talked about in the most recent podcast episode, Hindsight With Carla. They guided me to sit with the pain and not dodge it by taking pain relievers like Ibuprofen or cannabis oil. I was able to notice that the pain felt more like contractions or waves than cramps. They showed me the impact the pharmaceutical companies had on the natural flow and order of the amazing menstrual cycle and birthing. They showed me that women are meant to feel the pain.

They also showed me what PMS really is. They showed me that it is a small release of lower energies from the collective, through the womb of women. The way it seems to work is that PMS comes in. From my experience, it was an intense overload of inexplicable emotions. It would happen from a time before my moon cycle started right up until the time I started to bleed. I would do anything to get rid of that pain and did until I was guided to sit with it. I used to drink alcohol and have many chemicals that were covering up the truths of what it was all about. Fast forward to a few years after chucking chemicals and living a more intentional life with eating better, being alcohol-free, and practicing yoga and meditation where things seem more clear. Things became so clear that my guides could come through to teach me and I could recognize what was happening in my body much better. I realiz

ed that PMS is like a relief valve for the collective. Each woman who has a moon cycle is meant to purge through their womb a little bit of what the collective has created for lower energies. That is why most times women experiencing this have no idea why they are the way they are when PMSing and partners or moms as an example want to put these types on birth control or something to stop the “madness”. Most women have been denying this for years and the energy meant to be transmuted through our wombs shows up in various ways. There are man

y imbalances because of it. Things like bipolar stem from this because some women are carrying more than their fair share. This is why red tents are so very important. Men and women can participate in this and it can be a beautiful experience. It’s meant to be a beautiful experience. There is a mudra I learned of in yoga teacher training last week. It resembles the womb and women can make this mudra over the womb to help purify and balance. The teacher also mentioned that it is a portal of release. I was so surprised because that is just what I have been practicing over the past couple of years as taught by my spirit guides. They instructed me to place my hands in this mudra over my womb and relea

se asking that what was released be turned into higher frequencies of energy. I imagine rainbows transmuting the lower energy into higher energy as taught to me by one of my teachers in Peru (thank you teacher(s)). I was one that absolutely didn’t like my “period” and did anything and everything to make the experience less awful. That has all changed now and I am totally in love with the whole process. I think it’s beautiful and seems like a great design by the creator or universe. I also sense the harmony in the process – the flow. So what does this all have to do with ending racism? I was guided this past full moon to sit in a process to forgive and transmute the energies of all the racial groups I could think of from the KKK to my racist granny. I sat in front of the full moon a

nd chanted something I learned in YTT that week:

~Lokah~ ~Samastah~ ~Sukinho~ ~Bhavantu~ May all beings everywhere be happy and free. May the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some way to that happiness and freedom for all. When I awoke in the middle of the night, I was told by my gu

ides that a way that the energy from racism could be transmuted was through women’s wombs. Imagine, the KKK had all those members and all the slave owners there were. They passed on but their energy remained because it wasn’t all transmuted. Where did it go? It’s here, and if we can transmute it, we can help to eliminate racism. I explain a bit more in this week’s Hindsight With Carla’s podcast. Have a listen if you wish. Be well and love more. Love, Carlita

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