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Time Is Art, Indeed

Updated: May 6, 2022

I never really knew what the phrase that started to show itself to me around 2017, “Time is Art” meant and I am glad I never really found out until now. Why do I write that? Because I like to discover things by feeling into them, learning through my intuition, and my spirit guides. It’s all so mysterious and the “aha” moments are super potent. I started this new year off by purchasing an art and meditation class by Whitney Freya called “22 Day Tara Painting Meditation Challenge”. I chose to do this challenge because I have blocks around creating art. Specifically, I am stuck when it comes to working with a paintbrush and canvas. I wanted to do it but every time I said I was ready, I would back out. I did try in 2018 and painted a black hole. Black wholes are cool and all but really? A black hole. I became discouraged and set the painting notion aside.

In the summer of 2020, I was enrolled in an online Yoga Teacher Training certification course. One of the assignments we were given was an art project. I imagined and got excited about painting something on a canvas. I chickened out and decided to build a labyrinth in my yard instead. Don’t get me wrong, to build the labyrinth was incredible and perfect at that time but it amuses me that I would choose that laborious grand project over making art on a canvas. I have the supplies after all. This brings me to 2021! Can you believe it’s 2021? This is the future. In this future of mine, I started the art challenge. It is coupled with meditation and studying the 21 expressions of Tara, the female Buddha. There is a meditation and chanting exercise participants are invited to do that helps us drop right into this place of now. After practicing the meditation, I went to my canvas and started the painting project. I played meditation music in the background and set up my easel in front of my window. Set, setting and mood were on point. There is a word that I like to keep in mind for just the occasions when I can’t really explain how I know a thing. The word is “noumenal”. It means “something whose experience may be felt but not proved.” That is how I believe I sense a lot of these things that just seem to come into my awareness. As I got into the painting, I could feel some things shift for me. I would have thought a shift would come more from meditation but it didn’t. While I painted, I got lost and time seemed to slow and at times standstill. I am an energy and intuitive healer so am super sensitive to energies around me. I realized in those moments that “Time is Art” means that doing art slows and at some points, stops time. It can help slow and stop time so that the more we can do this, the looser the old timelines become so that we can traverse them to ones our hearts and vibrations set us on course toward. It loosens our anchors to the old timelines. It is a place of creation. It’s the practice of zero point which is a place where there is a portal open to all the possibilities that ever exist. Rachael Wooten, the author of Tara: The Liberating Power of the Female Buddha said in a video that this art play is activism. She couldn’t be more accurate. Those that have been and are practicing art are breaking the matrix. The more we tap into this space, the more we can bring it into our existence and create a world we envision. We practice the creative process so the inertia picks up. Before you know it, we are feeling into that mode of creation, our natural state, more often. If we are here, we can manifest like mad. So let’s do this and make more art and a beautiful new world along with it.

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