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Pushing Beyond

Updated: May 6, 2022

I have finally chosen a word for 2021. My word for 2021 is Sliving! It’s not even a word, I know, but it wants to be. I can feel it. As far as I know, Paris Hilton made it up. I surprised myself by following her on Instagram. I totally fell in love after watching the documentary about her time spent at a horrific boarding school. She has become dedicated to exposing the abuse and has given unheard voices a huge platform. Thank you, Paris!

She says the word “sliving” is a combination of the words living and slaying, mixed with the concept of living your best life. I want that! Or, I want more of it. I have been doing this on multiple levels but I am always looking to go deeper with concepts and self-growth. I think mantras are wonderful tools to help us keep on point and for me to use a single word for the year as has become popular for many to do, makes it easier. I have been repeating it in my head, doodling it, and calling it up when I could use a little encouragement. I adore relying on mantras as a way to support myself. They can be one word or a couple of words that remind me of a commitment that I made to myself. I can use them when things are looking bleak to help get me through a tough spot. They can be used to celebrate. They can even be a battle cry used to lead me into some situation or task that I believe feels like it may be difficult. I have stalled writing this blog for a couple of reasons. One was that I couldn’t settle on a word. Joy and abundance have been considered but they didn’t have quite enough of an impact for me. Another reason was that I have been having a heck of a time with some major lessons that have been coming through for me. Let’s just say my ego and I have been wildly tossed about a bit for several weeks. I guess there is a third reason for stalling on this post. I thought because I was deep in the dark of my healing and leveling up, I would be faking it by making a post like this. The thing is, I have been sliving through all of that dark and tumultuous stuff as well. Sliving to me means so many things. It can simply mean being in the present moment. It can mean living my life with intention and not being a robot to the tasks and experiences of the day. It’s so funny that it’s not even a word but it’s packed with so much meaning. I think that is why it seems more impactful than my other choices for the year and I love to try something a little different. Cheers to sliving in 2021 and beyond!

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