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Mother’s Day Service

Updated: May 6, 2022

When I had thoughts of sharing a mother’s day post, the title ‘minister’ also came to my mind. It’s kind of weird to have been guided to take on that title. I looked up the meaning this morning and one of them reads “attend to the needs (of someone)”. I don’t like to use absolutes like need to, have to, got to, etc. I thought more about it and what I would share if I were to speak in what is known as a church or a temple. We are the temple so, instead of thinking in terms of ‘need’, I want to attend to what may be imbalanced in someone to help balance it in any way so they may find more peace in their temple in particular and in the world in general. I am hoping if you read this, you will be moved to join me. My church programming just kicked in as I reread this and I heard “Let us pray” – isn’t programming a funny thing?

As I think of the word mother, the first word to come to mind is nurture. I want to be of service by giving nurturing prayers, and energy to those women who won’t have the gift of being a mother or be a mother right now. There are so many who are trying to have children and cannot – those that couldn’t because of medical conditions and still long for it – those that haven’t and will never know being a mother because of decisions made in the past – those who have been shamed or feared into giving their babies up for adoption or termination – those who have given their babies up as a sacrifice or it was too painful for them to keep the baby – those who have made the decision for whatever reason to give up or terminate and feel some imbalance because of it – those who have gotten pregnant and shunned by their own families – those whose children were stillborn or have passed before they have, and more. I send love, tenderness, blessings, hugs, kisses, nurturing, to those wobbly imbalanced bits throughout your being. I love you and you are perfect. I send love and tenderness to the men who are in any of these or like experiences. I don’t believe in a God as the church has taught but I believe in Spirit and universal laws. I believe that what we experience matters and is for our life’s lessons. Sometimes we don’t see it, resist it, or deny it so it may wind up being a continuous source of pain and suffering rather than energy to move us, shift things, and or teach us. I think of a lotus flower coming out of the mud or a diamond being created from pressure. It’s all energy and when we go through the dark fully and with acceptance, we come out on the other side, purified. Pain is a purification process. I invite all the wonderful mothers, even if you are a man, you have a mothering part of you, to fire that bit of you up that would make someone feel safe, warm, cared for, and loved. I want us to send light to the dark or dimly lit spaces for healing, empowerment, and upliftment. No shame, no guilt, or pity – but love. Reveal it, feel it, and heal it. I think sometimes we pray for something that doesn’t necessarily benefit much from that energy of the prayer. It’s simply more of that same energy and it’s great and all but could it benefit the world to send it to where it could be better served? I think giving that energy to things that are of a darker or denser nature can give light to them and bring more light to the world. It can burn and purify karma or energy of that nature. The meaning I think of for the word “sin” is an imbalance. It’s not that someone did something wrong or they are bad; I see it as something that isn’t in balance with their highest or with the best for the collective. This is a time for clearing karma and purifying the dark. It’s happening and this is another way to help that along.

I dedicate this post to those of the Magdalene laundries in Ireland – perpetrators and victims alike. There were acts of free will being punished and also women were victims of rape, seduction, or being a spinster even. They were all termed “fallen women” or “Jezebel”. Talk about having a cross to bear. There is such an imbalance for women who carry the burden of unwanted, unsupported, pregnancies due to violence, or unexpected ones. I send energy, tenderness, and love, and forgiveness to the men who have a hand in this and to those that think that these were punishable acts where there was no victim. I even send all of that to the men who forced or seduced and there is a victim because of the imbalance of it and it would help the world to clear that energy.

Many stand up and want to shout to make someone pay or think that justice must be served. Who was harmed in most of those situations? Who did the harming? Who was punished? That brings me back to karma which is a universal law. It’s like Newton’s third law which states for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Karma will be what takes care of injustices or any imbalance. Having faith in that is strong and holy to me. We are not meant to cast stones but to care for our own imbalances and karma. I believe it’s up to us to tap into the god in ourselves to forgive. Not from a higher space but from a space that we share in the imbalance and can hold space to neutralize the charge of the imbalance. Jesus taught this and led by example. The truth of he and Mary Magdalene’s life and purpose being learned and shared is helping to balance that all out along with the stigma. I think that is also helping these places that bore this name lift those crosses. Words and names carry energy. The wonderful Joni Mitchell wrote a song called The Magdalene Laundries which is how I found out about the ML. I believe it’s a healing mechanism to help transmute that karma or imbalance that would otherwise have gone unchanged. While this doesn’t include a host of mothers who want to be mothers and couldn’t or can’t yet, I dedicate the song to all I have mentioned above and the like. Joni Mitchell gives a nice little story about what inspired her to write this song in the version I linked. I wish all a happy day of nurturing and may the energy of this post land in grace and love in someone’s being who could benefit from it.

Love, Carla, the Minister

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