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I Spy With My Third Eye : Mr. Floyd

Updated: May 6, 2022

I have been noticing a lot of solidarity, community, and awareness coming about because of what happened with Mr. Floyd and Officer Chauvin which I talk about in an episode of my podcast in more detail. I think it’s amazing and what could look like something that is very bad is actually what was the catalyst for so much good. I have been seeing people donating to causes for black people. This has shone a light on what the black community is working on or toward. I have seen people promoting the creations of black people and celebrating them like never before. I see more black people’s faces than I have before. This all seems due to the fact that a black man killed by a white officer happened at the right time. So for this, it seems a huge sacrifice and I thank Mr. Floyd and Officer Chauvin for their sacrifice. As I mentioned in the podcast, Mr. Floyd seems like Jesus because he died for the sins of others. I see sins as lower vibrating frequencies, not so much as a bad deed that will send us to a “hell”. I don’t believe in all that. I see things like energy and how it’s all interconnected. So, thank you, Mr. Floyd. My heart goes out to his family but this man is a hero to me. Because this happened so many perspectives have shifted.

I also must thank the Officer. He had a part in this too. It was awful and he must feel some kind of way but he did it and huge changes came about because he did. That is the bottom line. I spy police officers being called out, fired, and the like. I see meditation and yoga being offered to some stations across the nation. I see a consequence being put on the table to create the awareness that officers are now being watched and will be held accountable. I don’t want to paint with a broad brush that all officers are bad. I don’t even know that this officer was bad as much as he had a massive amount of fear in him. I see help and attention being given to officers. I see support being given rather than hatred. That will change things even more. This is not to say that lower vibrational actions and thoughts are not happening but where our attention goes, the energy flows so I want to highlight and keep a focus on the positive. With all of this positivity being heaped on to the black community, I believe that it can uplift them in ways never seen in our lifetime. I mean not even a black president had this much effect on the black community. Not that I didn’t appreciate that because it definitely is inspiring and I love that part even though I don’t believe in presidents and such. Through our current shift, I have been learning about black related books, music, culture, and more from all that people have been moved to share. These magnificent authors and creators with beautiful voices are being seen! Some say white guilt is a bad thing but maybe that is just the thing that has been necessary to swing the pendulum the other way. Maybe in an energetic sense, that white guilt is something that balances the hatred and injustice that has been done to black people. Also, I used to think reparation was a ridiculous idea. I see now, that in an energetic sense, it could be healing karma. Karma to me is Newton’s 3rd Law, for each and every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. I see the donations as healing karma. I don’t believe in big donation-based corporations and although Black Lives Matter is a great message, I will not donate to anything that may be a cover for something that harms black people more than helps. I am not saying I know a thing, I am saying I don’t know, so I don’t give. I totally support the concept though. Rather than that, I gave money to this fundraiser. My friend is raising money for a former student for a car for when he goes to college. I would prefer to donate to something that is direct action-based and not someone’s campaign which is based on probability, promises, and uncertainty. I do believe that it still brings about awareness if someone does donate to those types and promotes it. I am not knocking anyone’s good intentions, simply sharing my preferences. Coming to light is also how people may very well be what I view as soft racist. In this video, I believe I hear the parents don’t really think they are racist. It is so promising that the trend is stopping with this young lady and many like her. It certainly shows that there is a tendency toward division. There is an illusion around thinking that one must choose a side. Many have been pitted against one another in so many different areas, options don’t seem to come naturally. So it’s either take the side of the police or stand up for the black man, in many instances. I think that more youth are aware and are helping to change the dynamic. It all helps to move away from racism and injustice. It’s really inspiring. I am not here to call anyone out but rather turn attention to the positive in this. If someone is shown to be racist and didn’t even realize it, at least now they are aware and things can start to shift in ways never imagined. I personally feel for both of these groups and empathize with the conditions of which they are moved to act and react. This has been going on for so long, it was not even paid that much attention to. Many have become desensitized to it. An intense time it’s been but a blessed time in my opinion as well. I believe since COVID has created an opportunity for people to slow down, many really paid attention and were affected by Mr. Floyd’s death. Also, many were faced with the prospect of dying themselves. My spirit guides told me during the more intense times of COVID that one must really know death to know life. I really think I understand this. I told them that I would think that the Holocaust would have been enough to know death. They replied that the Holocaust was long ago and far away. COVID has been all over and is now. So with this awareness, I believe many could see the value of life. I believe many saw the value of Mr. Floyd’s life and had the time and awareness to pay attention and be moved to do something. It all matters so doing something from a small prayer to creating a peaceful protest is all-important. How we think is really important in shaping our reality and if more people than not can have it in their awareness that Mr. Floyd is a beautiful human and reflection of themselves, that will become the reality and manifest into more peace with these injustices becoming a thing of the past.

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