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Hucha And The Buyer’s Pass

Updated: May 6, 2022

Hucha is a word or term used by the Andean people to describe dense energy that accumulates in the body. As I understand it, hucha can accumulate such that it causes people to be energetically stuck or can cause serious health issues. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, it can only be transmuted. When hucha accumulates in the body, over time, it may transform into something else or create blocks. I learned during my first shamanic cleanse in Peru that I was “dirty”, but I didn’t understand what that meant. I totally trusted in the healing experience. I realize now that I was energetically dirty, filled with the dense energy known as hucha. It was in my best interest to purge these energies so that my system could be more at peace. I have learned since then that if these energies live in my body, they can cause me to become triggered. Triggers are helpful in getting hucha to move which is an opportunity for release and transmutation. I explain more in this episode of HWC, with the same title as this blog post.

An example I can share from experience is as follows: I posted on social media about a book I was reading. Someone made a comment suggesting that what I posted was not true. It wasn’t true for the edition that he was referencing but for the one I referenced, it was true. That didn’t stop me from being triggered. It caused dense energy stored in my body from a past time I was accused of being deceitful to oscillate. I thankfully realized what was happening as I was in observer mode. I ran upstairs in my home and began to drum my medicine drum. The dense energy was oscillating by experiencing the trigger and by playing the drum, which creates a lighter frequency, it was able to help release that denser energy from my body. As the energy exited my body, I thanked it and asked that it be transmuted into lighter frequencies. This is good to do for a few reasons but mainly so it accumulates less in mother earth who takes much of our hucha. This example is not too extreme but imagine the traumas living in the body and what havoc they potentially can wreak. One of my favorite reads along these lines is Bessel Van Der Kolk’s, The Body Keeps the Score. It is a tremendous help to understand our bodies and how they respond to trauma, so they have a better chance of being healed. There is a wild range of dense energies that can accumulate in the body. With working with releasing so much, I believe that Bessel most closely describes what I have experienced. The dense energies have imprints as described in the following couple of paragraphs. They are like a path that has been carved and is easily repeatedly traveled over time. Sometimes, one is unaware they even go that same route. “Nobody can “treat” a war, abuse, rape, molestation, or any other horrendous event, for that matter; what has happened cannot be undone. But what can be dealt with are the imprints of the trauma on body, mind, and soul: the crushing sensations in your chest that you may label as anxiety or depression; the fear of losing control; always being on alert for danger or rejection; the self-loathing; the nightmares and flashbacks; the fog that keeps you from being on task and from engaging fully in what you are doing; being unable to fully open your heart to another human being.” These imprints have a name in Sanskrit. They are samskaras and vasanas. I learned of these in the book “The Wisdom of Yoga” by Stephen Cope. He describes samskaras as a subliminal activator, imprints left on consciousness by actions and volitions, and vasanas as a linked grouping of subliminal activators, character traits, habits, patterns. A way to help disrupt these imprints described in the following excerpt from “The Wisdom of Yoga”

  • Interrupt the chain of reactivity at the earliest possible “link”

  • If necessary, begin by interrupting the reactivity to the reactivity!

  • Then, as soon as the War With Reality is interrupted, consciousness begins to settle.

  • As consciousness settles, patterns come more clearly into the light of awareness and are exposed for what they are.

  • Now, slightly freed up from the war, we can begin to observe and interrupt the chain of reactivity at even earlier and earlier points.

  • Eventually, we can trace samskara and vasana back to their roots.

  • In this way, samskaras are attenuated and “burned up”.

  • As samskaras are attenuated through exposure, consciousness becomes still.

  • In the stillness, Illumined Mind shines through, and catches a glimpse of itself in the mirror of Pure Awareness.

There are many ways to work on cleansing from dense energies. Psychedelics can be a huge jumping-off point. There are also energy workers, sound baths, yoga, meditation, fasting, herbal baths, and more. I have been doing this work 2015 and I believe I have worked with all those that I mentioned. I have developed the ability to purge hucha in my sleep state. I have also learned ways to prevent hucha from settling into the body. One way is to surrender to all things. By all things I mean, even the little things that seem to be a nuisance. I realized I was saying I didn’t care to some things I did care about and they were settling into my DNA. As I developed this practice I realized how surrendering even to the tiniest things, like annoyance, frustration, and jealousy can allow it to pass without me having it come into my body. And the less hucha there is in my body, the less these energies have “like” energies to attach to since “like attracts like”. Another way is to arrange thoughts. My best friend read Peter Pan recently and the mom of the children is a doula. She arranges her children’s thoughts nightly, before sleep. I think this is a great practice to allow for more of our stuff to be accepted and be less attached to things. The Internet has a great many offerings on these subjects. If it seems overwhelming, perhaps reaching out to an energy healer or shaman could be of benefit to you. I am an energy worker who helps to clear hucha, I have other healers I can direct one to, and I have many tools to share, so I invite anyone to reach out for direction. This may not incorporate all I would like it to but I definitely want to make sure I remind any reader to be compassionate and kind with yourself.

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