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Do Not Lose Your Shit!

Updated: May 6, 2022

Some of the folks I support were having a rough time trusting in the Universe recently. I know it’s hard to trust and when we don’t see the answer or the path in front of us, at the moment, we can get uneasy. This is the time to rely on our tools. It’s time to dig deep and come up with all the reminders that get us through the rough patches. We don’t know what’s around the corner until we turn that corner. We can’t get there instantly, so it makes sense to be patient and take one step at a time.

Sometimes we think we are trusting but if we look closer, we see some blocks. Well, I look closer for sure, for myself and those I support and sometimes see blocks. I heard one person saying they were trusting and then heard them use in the same sentences about trusting, the word “but” about 4 times and the phrase “it’s just that”, about 3 times. These are blocks! You say you trust but are blocking it by using such language. If your inner or outer talk looks like “I trust that I will get the job but…” or “I trust that I will sell the house, it’s just that…”, you are blocking that thing from coming in. You are either trusting or not trusting. There can’t be a little bit of trust for the whole of the thing you want to happen. I was tested recently. I trusted that the Universe had my back. I was saying it but I was delaying paying my tax bill because I was hesitant about using all that cash. I had some thoughts of holding on to it and paying at a later date and dealing with an interest payment. I was hesitant about starting my ascension assisting offerings and thinking about getting a job at Home Depot. I regrouped and thought better. I thought, if I trust the Universe fully, I can let go of this cash for taxes because if I don’t, it will send the message that I am not trusting. I also said I am going to wait a week before I lose my shit and go apply for a job at Home Depot rather than start offering ascension assistance. I trusted, I paid the bill and I started offering to the public ascension assisting. I trust. It took me to a new level! I started saying the word allow and with that, I changed from always relying on the word trust. It put some new energy into my practice and gave me a new perspective. I use it as a mantra and it helps greatly to even spell it out when thoughts try to creep in and I want to start using the word “but” and phrases like “it’s just that”. I held myself to this standard and practice. Sharing my process with those I support helps me help them, as well as strengthening it for myself. Some tips for being patient in your manifesting practice:

  • Don’t lose your shit. Change is necessary and if you wait to see what happens, it can lead you to what you need.

  • Be a good bouncer of the mind and get rid of words that can block the abundance.

  • Use a mantra to help keep the negative thinking out, even if you simply spell a relatable word over and over again.

  • Trust, really trust and check that you are trusting by observing and asking questions. If I trust then…this or that.

If you need more help, some tools are vision boarding, studying Abraham/Esther Hicks and the law of attraction, reading the book by Michael Singer called The Surrender Experiment or taking one of his online classes or reading The Secret or watching the movie of the same name. I offer support and help people with this as part of ascension assisting as well so check out my offerings page or hit me up with any questions. A great documentary on the subject is named the Cosmic Giggle in which one of the speakers asks whether you put what you don’t want on your vision board. He further asks then why would you put it in your mind? Off you go with allowing!

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