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Carla Mora

My soul's purpose on this planet is to help people come into balance. 

If you feel blocked, alone, frustrated, depressed, lost, or a combination of these, explore some options to obtain freedom with me in a free session. You are not broken; you are feeling the effects of imbalances.

I felt all of those things at many points in my life. I have been going in and out of the dark night of the soul with intention since 2005. I have studied Buddhism, self-help, read tons of books, attended many seminars and retreats, worked with plant medicines, shamans, healers, and traveled the world to high energy, sacred sites to find individuation and self-mastery.

Am I done healing? No. The difference is that I have learned processes and laws of the universe that allow me to navigate the dark night of the soul and my shadow self with ease as an observer. I have fully embodied the law that everything is energy, allowing me to navigate everything with neutrality and not take things personally. I've done the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

I am a master at finding imbalances and knowing how to bring them back into harmony. I am an energy healer with many gifts and tools to help empower, offer healing, and teach others on their path to healing and self-mastery. Everyone is different, and different methods and healing energies are available for each person's unique path.


With work and allowance, we all have the ability to heal ourselves, and sometimes it takes some help from others to get to that point. 

My favorite part of the work is to show people how truly extraordinary you are. I see you. 

Since the fall of 2015, I have traveled to Egypt, Cyprus, Acapulco, Sedona, Russia, Poland, Paris, Turkey, and many different parts of Peru during three separate trips. I had mind-altering experiences with the land, people of these lands, and sacred sites I encountered along my travels.

I learned how to heal myself through my experiences along these travels. As I was doing so, I was teaching others to do the same. It is such a joy and enormously gratifying to see someone change over time into what they are meant to be and always were. It’s amazing to see their authentic selves emerge whether over months or at a ten-day Shamanic cleanse in Peru. I learned that I have a gift, and it’s time to offer it to those of the seeker nature. This is tremendously difficult work, and not everyone is ready, but for those who are, I am here.

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